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TPRe and the Office of Supervisory Board, Taiping Group Attended the 15th ARS Summit


The 15th Asian Reinsurers' Summit (ARS), hosted by GIC Re, was organized at Hotel Oberoi Amar Vilas, Agra, India from 2nd July to 5th July, 2015. The summit was attended by 26 executives and representatives from 12 member companies of ARS. On behalf of TPRe, Mr. Liu Shihong, CEO of TPRe, the compliance assistant of TPRe and an official of the Office of Supervisory Board, Taiping Group, attended the Summit.

The summit highlighted the market trends in major Asian reinsurance markets such as China, Japan, Singapore,Korea and India, the regulatory evolution in India, the latest development and insights of China's C-ROSS regulation reform, the implication of climate change for ARS reinsurers as well as the impact of the advent of alternate capital in the Asian markets. During the Summit, participants from member companies share their views on the outlook of Asian and world reinsurance markets and the potential for a wider range and scale of business cooperation.

The Summit is quite fruitful for TPRe as we have learned precious lessons from member reinsurers' experience in going global in a more competitive market environment. In addition, Toa Re has very graciously proposed to be the host for the 16th Asian Reinsurers' Summit 2016.